Benefits of Bentonite Clay

During my now over 12 year detox from my mercury amalgam fillings, I have used bentonite, both externally and internally, and found it to be very beneficial. The health benefits of clay, are broad spectrum and varied. Since clay is generally safe for both internal and external use, you are free to experiment to see … Read more


As part of my detox regimen from Heavy metal toxicity due to mercury amalgam fillings I consume Chlorophyll Daily! Here’s Why you Should too! Interestingly chlorophyll’s molecular structure is similar to that of hemoglobin of human blood. The difference is, that the central atom of blood is iron, and for chlorophyll, it’s magnesium.  Due to … Read more

Boost Your Immune System with Castor Oil

I will be interested to see your comments on this one, and wonder how many of you will have had some experience, perhaps bad, with castor oil when you were younger? Being in over my 12th year of detoxing from mercury dental amalgam fillings, I am constantly looking for natural remedies to help my body … Read more