My Mercury Toxicity Story

It has taken me 10 years of detoxing, from mercury amalgam dental fillings, to be able to formulate thought patterns well enough to write this, due to my high contamination levels! Also due to the personal and differing opinions on this topic, I find most people including Doctors and Dentists, are not equipped to discuss or deal with the adverse effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity!

They Did Not Teach this in Medical School!

If you have NOT been exposed to mercury/heavy metals, have NO mercury amalgam fillings, and no concern for heavy metal exposure in your life, or those you love, than this may not be for you?

However, if you are like me, and millions around the world who do have, or have had, mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings, I hope this information helps you to learn and understand it’s deep and complicated effect on our human physiology and personal health! After almost 10 years of research on this subject, I still find it sadly lacking any real substance, today I read that mercury toxicity is rarely considered as a diagnoses, in Doctor’s Offices, even today! In fact, over 1 million new mercury amalgam fillings were placed in patients mouths today alone, even knowing that this is one of the most toxic things on the planet? Absolutely CRAZY!

Ironic too, since the term Mad as a Hatter ( was coined after hat makers in the UK in early 1900’s went mad from using a mercury solution to wash/rinse felt hats during the manufacturing process! To this day the diverse and complicated negative effects of mercury are little understood by anyone including the medical community.

Mercury toxicity is pervasive and insidious. Detoxification of mercury is the subject of many entire books. Mercury can contribute to many symptoms, from Alzheimer’s and Autism to emotional imbalances, behavioural problems, lethargy, depression, sensory disruptions of taste, smell, feeling, tingling, rashes, tremors, an impaired immune system and thyroid/adrenal glandular/hormone problems, the list goes on and on. Worse yet in my own case the symptoms can come and go at will, I am learning to believe that this is when mercury is actually being chelated or removed by your body, it begins to move and it creates quite a series of symptomatic events.

It is also very difficult to recognize and treat as it moves throughout the body, my blood and hair analysis for example show no signs of it, yet I assure you that it has been throughout my body as I have gone through now almost 10 years of detoxing. My symptoms, though to long to list in entirety, have included nasty skin rashes everywhere, lethargy, neuropathy, constant whole body itching, tingling head to toe, disrupted senses of smell, touch, taste, hunger and emotional irrationality and instability bordering on madness.

Quick history on my situation, I had up to 16 mercury amalgam fillings by my early 20’s, sadly, I believe, a victim of the drill and fill days of dentistry. In 2014, I was then 62, so in 1984 at the advice of a renowned Japanese dentist in Toronto Canada, I had all of the those early fillings removed, and once again replaced, with all new mercury amalgam fillings. Thus, I had a double exposure, to a very toxic substance, of which I believe, has left it’s unique footprint on my health, as I try to move forward.

Once a very gregarious and social being with a full calendar, a working musician and band manager, I retreated into a hermit like existence avoiding all but necessary human involvement, like shopping or short quick visits. The symptoms, can and do, come and go at will, some days leaving me too exhausted to lift my head off the pillow, other days with nausea and low energy and no appetite have become regular occurrences. I have spent the better part of the past 10 years fighting symptoms with an arsenal of health products and detox agents, including a 21 day Fast on only a pure water/organic lemon juice /maple syrup/cayenne drink. (Detailed list of Detox Agents at Bottom of Page)

I must admit that this experience has left me very untrusting of modern medicine and Doctors in general.

It was in 2007 at age 55, when my teeth started chipping, that I realized that my symptoms were caused from my dental work. One day I felt a warm molten liquid roll through the middle of me from my right jaw to my left side, upper thigh groin area, where a large golf ball sized growth started, almost overnight. My detox efforts have reduced it to pea size now, and I believe that watching it shrink over the past several years is a positive sign that my body is recovering.

It was during this time that I found the best biological dentist in Toronto, and had my lower jaw, both sides, replaced with composite resin fillings, that were deemed compatible with my physiology. But to this date, I still have seven upper jaw mercury amalgam fillings, as this experience has left me unable to work, and thus afford the dental work necessary to regain my health at this time. Also, one has to consider that the removal of mercury amalgam. can also cause further symptoms from exposure during extraction.

Having been a reluctant participant in this experiment, I now know that there are millions of others suffering, and they and their doctors, have no idea what is causing their symptoms. Sadly it is rarely considered as a possible cause in health care, and by it’s very nature a tricky diagnoses to make, as mercury tends to move though out our bodies, and effect different people in different ways, and also based on the level of toxicity one is experiencing. Several studies have suggested that simultaneous tests must be conducted on blood, hair, urine, feces, etc. all at once to determine true toxic load? But at this stage, understanding mercury toxicity and it’s effects on human physiology is a daunting task, and not one that has any reliable data to compare and study, as no one is going to sign up for a clinical trial to be exposed to mercury and see what happens?

We who study it joke, that maybe dentists would like to volunteer, for a study on mercury exposure, by seeing if mercury in their brain tissue causes Alzheimer’s! Not very funny, I know.

I still have a long journey ahead of me and in fact this experience has left me with the need to detox continually for the rest of my life. It has already become a way of life for me in my daily consumption of nutritional supplements and health aids that will compliment my efforts to remove this nasty metal from my body. I am lucky that I found out early enough to hopefully change the course of it’s effects on me, and I hope that this writing will help others to become proactive about their health and work hard to remain healthy in spite of the challenges we all face living in these toxic times.
Read labels people, know what you are eating and drinking putting on your skin, hair, makeup and make sure to go the extra mile to safeguard your only and most precious gift …YOUR HEALTH!

Exercise is also an integral part of detoxing and ideally you need to do some form of exercise you love everyday, all types if you can try to change it up, from cardio and stretching to weight lifting and weight resistance these will help your body to do it’s job. Recently high intensity interval training has shown that it boosts human growth hormone even as we age. So Keep Moving Daily!

List of Products Used During Detoxification in no particular order:
Fresh & Frozen Cilantro, Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Bentonite Clay (internal & external), Apple Cider Vinegar, Psyllium Husk, Black Seed Oil, Detoxamin Suppositories, Zeolite, Saunas, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Multi Vitamins, Mushroom Tinctures, Cilantro tinctures, Kefir, Kimchee, Kombucha, hemp seed, chia seed, flax seed, all berries, garlic, ginger, all greens, cherry juice, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, MSM, lymphdiaral, various naturopathic remedies, that is I worked with a Hahnemannian ND for years, and tried many remedies too numerous to mention

During all this, in 2009, Insure Your Health Yourself was born, to help others care for themselves / To Your Health!