Boost Your Immune System with Castor Oil

I will be interested to see your comments on this one, and wonder how many of you will have had some experience, perhaps bad, with castor oil when you were younger?

Being in over my 12th year of detoxing from mercury dental amalgam fillings, I am constantly looking for natural remedies to help my body do it’s job.

It appears that I have found an excellent natural health booster with a rich and colourful past of medicinal properties in castor oil.

Castor Oil seems to be mostly used orally for the relief of constipation. But I believe that it’s real power comes from it’s use topically, both cold, directly on the skin or hair, and under heat, with the use of castor oil pack right on the skin, wherever you have a discomfort.
Research how to make a castor oil pack 😉

One of the pioneers of this treatment was Edgar Cayce, considered the most talented 20th century psychic as well as the “Father of Holistic Medicine” by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Cayce suggested using castor oil 545 times as the treatment for a variety of ailments, Cayce listed over 30 physiologic functions of castor oil, including:
Increasing eliminations, lymphatic circulation, relaxation
Stimulating the liver, gall bladder, lacteal duct circulation, and cecum
Dissolving and removing adhesions, lesions, and gallstones
Relieving pain, reducing flatulence, inflammation, nausea, swelling
Improving intestinal assimilation and oordinating liver-kidney function.

I have been experimenting with castor oil packs recently with what I believe are beneficial effects.
There is a vast amount of research on this online so I will not go into all the detail here, but encourage you to consider treating any related aches and pains with a topical castor oil treatment.
(Always Cold Pressed and of the Finest Quality, health food store over drug store)

Castor oil packs have been scientifically proven to increase lymphocyte production and activity of T-cell lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells, increasing lymphocyte traffic throughout the body, this initiates and perpetuates the immune response. This equates to the body producing more antibodies as well as killing viruses, fungi, bacteria and potentially cancer cells. 

Increased lymph flow is definitely beneficial to detoxifying the body (Lymphatic Massage).  The lymph is the only fluid that maintains contact with every cell in the human body. Lymph fluid allows the wastes accumulating around the cells to be removed.
The oil is thought to act on the lymphatic system and increase the quantity of lymph, as well as contracting the lymphatic vessels.

This increase in lymphatic flow is likely the result of the oil stimulating the parasympathetic nerves that innervate the lymphatic vessels.
The increase in the quantity of lymph may result from hepatic stimulation, as the liver produces one-third to one-half of the lymph in the human body.

I am treating a lump at the top of my left thigh in my lymph system, with castor oil packs. It had already been steadily decreasing in size
over my 10 years of detoxing, but I believe the oil is speeding up the process.

Referred to as Palme Christi or the “Hand of God” by ancient civilizations.
My hope is that castor oil will finally dissolve it and speed up my recovery.

There are so many beneficial uses for medicinal castor oil, I encourage you to do your own research and add this amazing natural product to your health arsenal.

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