Replace Mercury Amalgams ASAP to Stay Healthy

By Dr. Mercola

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The U.S. lags behind on banning mercury in dentistry because the FDA has long been the world’s number one protector of mercury fillings (amalgams).
In the U.S., four out of five dental specialists still use amalgams, and the material continues to be endorsed by the American Dental Association, in spite of the fact that 77 percent of consumers would opt for safer fillings if given the choice—even if they had to pay more.
When you factor in environmental and cleanup costs, amalgam is actually the MOST expensive dental material in the world.
For minor cavities, using glass ionomers with Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) is a less invasive and less painful alternative to traditional fillings.
I am excited to have the opportunity to interview Charlie Brown, one of my legal heroes in the battle against mercury. Charlie has been a major force in the ground roots movement against mercury amalgams.

Although the battle with the FDA rumbles on, we are whittling away at the barriers to progress, “hitting them upside the head” repeatedly with facts they can’t deny. And we have no plans of letting up!

This issue is just too important, too critical to your health and the long-term health of your children.

Mercury is a potent heavy metal toxin that can poison your brain, central nervous system and kidneys.

It is one serious toxin and it personally severely damaged my kidneys when I had my amalgam fillings improperly removed 17 years ago.

Children and fetuses, whose brains are still developing, are most at risk, but really anyone can be impacted.

In fact, just one drop of mercury in a lake would poison the lake to the extent that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would ban it from fishing.

Yet, unbelievably, they let you carry around a mouthful of this toxic metal and would have you believe it somehow loses its capacity to do harm if installed in your teeth.The average person in the U.S. has eight amalgam fillings. Clearly, this is no small problem and calls for urgent action.

U.S. Lags Behind, While the World Moves Forward on Banning Mercury

The FDA has long been the world’s number one protector of mercury fillings, and the U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world, and even behind some third world countries, in protecting its citizens from this toxic product:

Denmark, Norway and Sweden have essentially banned amalgams
There are 5,636 hospitals in developing countries that are committed to or already mercury-free. The majority of these are in the Philippines, India and Argentina.
Canada advised dentists to stop placing amalgam in children and pregnant women in 1996 (although Canada appears to be regressing on this issue now, thanks to the recent position taken by its Chief Dental Officer Peter Cooney).
In the United States, four out of five dental specialists still use amalgams, and the material continues to be endorsed by the American Dental Association. The FDA’s determination to protect mercury fillings has no doubt had something to do with its commissioner. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has an egregious conflict of interest on amalgam, yet participated in the rulemaking that led to FDA’s disappointing ruling in 2009.

Hamburg entered the FDA through the revolving government/private industry door after allegedly making millions as the director of Henry Schein Inc., the largest seller of dental amalgam (mercury fillings). The FDA has a history of stacking the deck of its advisory panels so that the pro-industry, pro-mercury position is upheld. Yet, most recently, the U.S. State Department has called for a “phase down” of mercury fillings, followed by an “eventual” phase out. The State Department’s submission to the Mercury International Negotiation Committee also called for:

Educating patients and parents (about amalgam) in order to protect children and fetuses
Training of dental professionals on the environmental impacts of mercury in dental amalgams
This is a very encouraging turn of events that brings us one step closer to mercury-free dentistry for all. Even though the FDA signed on to this statement internationally, they have yet to change the rule at home, so your support IS still needed.

Amalgams Frequently Used as They Generate More Profit

According to a Zogby poll, 77 percent of consumers would willingly pay more to opt out of dental amalgam in favor of safer dental fillings. If this opt-out occurred, it would effectively reduce the number of patients your dentist could funnel through his office on any given day.

Mercury fillings are quick and easy to put in. It isn’t that composite materials cost more—they just take longer to make. Not only can dentists buzz through a lot of mercury amalgam fillings each day, but these amalgams also require the destruction of quite a lot of good tooth matter, which sets you up for more dental problems down the road… meaning, more dental work, including root canals. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, from a dentist’s perspective.

So, the perceived profitability of mercury fillings has led to what Charlie Brown calls a “drill, fill and bill” mentality.

Fewer patients coming through the door each day isn’t the only issue striking fear in the heart of your mercury-loving dentist. Many dentists are also wary of the possibility that thousands, if not millions, of lawsuits could arise if they—or the FDA—admitted to the damage mercury amalgams have done to public health. Litigation and class action lawsuits could deliver an incapacitating blow to the dental industry.

If we are to gain the support of government regulators and the American Dental Association (ADA), then some protection from liability must be part of the package. This is why the environmental approach is ideal, because it offers some insulation from liability on the part of the dental industry, hopefully making new regulations a bit more palatable and easier to get passed.

Mercury Fillings and the Environment

The ADA and other pro-mercury proponents have always claimed that mercury fillings are a very cost effective way to treat dental decay. But is this true? NOT when you examine the true cost to human health and the environment.

Mercury from dental offices is actually the largest source of mercury found in wastewater. According to an article by Michael Bender (co-founder of the Mercury Policy Project), at least 40 percent of mercury flowing into municipal water treatment plants comes from dentist offices! And urban water treatment plants are not set up to remove it, so eventually this dental mercury will end up in the fish on your dinner plate.

The risk doesn’t end there, however.

Mercury fillings in the teeth of someone who dies actually pose a risk to the living. Emissions from the combustion of mercury fillings during cremation are a significant contaminator of air, waterways, soil, wildlife and food. Seven to nine metric tons of mercury per year escapes into the atmosphere during cremations, and it is estimated that, left unchecked, crematoria will be the largest single cause of mercury pollution by 2020. Sweden now mandates that all mercury fillings be removed prior to cremation for this very reason.

When you factor in environmental costs and cleanup costs, amalgam is actually the MOST EXPENSIVE dental material in the world!

It makes perfect sense to approach legislative change regarding amalgams from the environmental perspective, which is why the mercury treaty has made environmental cleanup its central focus.

A Great Alternative for Fixing Minor Cavities: Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)

“Drilling and filling” is not the only option for treatment of dental caries. For minor cavities, a less invasive and less painful technique called Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) has proven quite effective, especially in underserved populations in both developing and industrialized countries. ART involves manual excavation of the decayed area with hand tools, eliminating the need for expensive drills and anesthesia.

Since ART is noninvasive, it is tolerated very well by patients, who experience less pain than with traditional fillings. And the technique has earned the endorsement of the World Health Organization (WHO) who has called it an “acceptable and effective treatment to control and prevent decay in socioeconomically deprived communities.” ART is currently used in at least 25 countries and is a regular part of dental training programs in at least three countries. One major advantage to this less-invasive treatment is that you don’t have to be a dentist to do it. Dental hygienists, dental assistants and other properly trained individuals can perform ART.

The dental industry has been less than eager to hop on board, afraid this would cut into their exclusive cavity-busting monopoly. However, I agree with Charlie Brown that dentists would still make plenty of money from more complicated dental work. In fact, they would probably earn even MORE because the work that only they can perform is more complicated—therefore more expensive to the consumer.

How You Can Keep the Wheels of Progress Turning

We now have two sessions down and three to go for the international mercury treaty. If all goes well, the treaty will be signed in 2013. Once any treaty is signed, it is up to Congress to implement it, and that could take another several years. In the meantime, we must keep pressure on the FDA, and there are some steps you can take to help with this:

Tell your family, friends, and neighbors the truth about dental amalgams. Don’t let your dentist talk you into one for yourself or for your child. It’s not your dentist’s mouth—it’s YOUR mouth. And YOUR pocket book—which holds a great deal of buying power. If your dentist insists mercury is safe, you may want to seek a mercury-free dentist.
Consider writing to the FDA Director of the Division of Dental Devices, Anthony Watson, at:

Ask Mr. Watson:

Since the FDA’s own panel of scientists advises that amalgam should “definitely not” be implanted in children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive people, how soon will you take action to protect these vulnerable populations from this toxin?
Since the FDA has a duty to tell consumers that amalgam contains mercury that can damage the neurological systems of unborn babies, children, and hypersensitive populations, when does FDA intend to clearly state this warning on its consumer website and in consumer labeling?
Since Commissioner Hamburg claims FDA is committed to transparency, how does FDA plan to keep the public updated on its progress with regard to the amalgam issue?
Consider joining/donating to the Consumers for Dental Choice, the organization founded by Charlie Brown. It’s a great source for information and a way to stay updated on mercury policy issues.
I encourage you to get involved.

Chakra Meditation Techniques

There are many forms of meditation, such as Zen and Transcendental meditation, to mentionl just 2. Check out meditation for dummies for additional information. One the most historical forms of meditation is called chakra meditation, which has been passed in various varieties throughout 1000’s of years.

Chakra meditation techniques involves focusing one’s attention on a series of seven chakras located in a series along the body of a human. The actual number of chakras which can be found on our bodies is a matter of some arguments, but you don’t have to worry about all that right now.

The particular seven basic chakras are the Overhead chakra, at the top of the head, the Third Eye chakra in the center of the particular forehead, the Throat chakra, aka heart chakra in the middle of the chest, the Sacral chakra in between the waist line and the heart, the Solar Plexus chakra in the abdomen area and the Root chakra in the base of the backbone.

When you can, take the time to learn more about what chakras are, and the actual properties of every. But now that you know where all these “energy centers” are located, you can use them to commence meditation.

So chakra meditation requires sitting silently, most often in the lotus position, and gently focusing your mind on each chakra subsequently, starting with the particular Crown chakra at the very top.

To begin, simply relax and commence to pay attention to the breathing. You may quickly discover that your mind comes after the lead of your breathing. If you slow down the breathing and take strong, slow, even breaths, this will aid you greatly in calming your mind and relaxing.

When you feel relaxed and therefore are in a strong, even inhaling and exhaling groove, so to speak, bring your entire attention to the Crown chakra. Visualize it, so that as you do, relax and breathe deeply in and out at least one time, or perhaps 3 or 4 times. (There isn’t any right or wrong). Next move on to the subsequent chakra down, the 3rd Eye, picture it, breathe, and carry on down until you get to the root chakra at your backbone. Then begin again.

This is the most fundamental associated with chakra meditation techniques. In this brief article, you have learned the basic principles, but almost all readers are strongly encouraged to check out meditation CD along with to learn more about the deeper information and meanings involved with this practice.

You Are What You Eat!!!!!

Important Facts Regarding Insuring Your Health

Whether or not the article author in the underneath piece of content will cover all you intend to be familiar with insuring your health, and also about interrelated words just like insuring your health, it is really a good idea for you to read the article in its entirety. One can’t deny it, you are going to surely end up figuring out some thing of maximum significance to you and also to your pals, family and also .

Medical processes cost so much these days that a lot of people really cannot afford the service, crucial though it is. The health insurance is a facility that allows for you to be able to afford it for a small token that you pay only on specified time slots. Now you longer have to fear that you cannot afford it when things go wrong, because they will.

Insurance is good, health insurance is better. Why? Because it is more specific, of course! You have issues with your health or medicals at any time, and you know that it is covered. It’s a great idea, really. You should try it out.

Health insurance has not become what it is today because it is essentially a fraud. It is not; it is your chance to stay alive in spite of rising medical costs, and you need it. However, you still need to lookout for con men out there who will try to take advantage of you, or for health insurance firms that have a way of sneaking out of a deal when it is time to pay up.

Insure your Health to have a better Tomorrow

Medical sciences have reached the zeniths of sophistication, so much so that critical illnesses like heart stroke, cardiac diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. can be diagnosed and discovered prematurely. As a result of this advancement, the chances of pulling through such diseases are also increasingly high. However, to work these chances out, one has to have a heavy pocket as not many can afford the medication needed to survive through these diseases. This is where a critical illness cover works miracles. As per recent surveys and results, a minor increase in people suffering from critical illnesses has been observed owing to which the number of people seeking critical illness cover has also increased. Most of the insurance companies in India offer health care policy and excusive critical illness cover as well. However, one needs to carefully choose one as per requirement as not all critical illness insurance companies provide cover for the same illnesses and besides, they may not have the same exclusions too. You can find one illness covered in a policy but then the same illness might not be covered in the other policy. Exclusions too can vary in the same format.

So it would be wise on your part to have a vigil eye on the key exclusions and the terms and conditions else you might not take the advantage of the policy when most needed. Therefore, it is imperative to check the key features leaflet as it is designed in a way so as to highlight each critical illness in an alphabetical order. So out of these choose the one that suits you the best. Insurance companies like Apollo Munich offer extensive critical illness cover as per your requirement and budget. Critical illness insurance is dynamic as a matter of fact i.e. it can be added to a mortgage protection plan as well. You could buy a critical illness plan with a time limit or one that offers maximum coverage. So the cover stays with you as long as you want it to. Also check the medical insurance rates and compare the same. People opting for health care online can also go through the essentials of the policy they opt for and then follow the guidelines too. After all, it’s your health and money that are in question. So register your medical policy online and say good bye to all your tensions and ills.

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Brantford Ontario MS Walk April 17th 2011

My Only little sister Shelley, of the four sisters I have been blessed with, unhappily, has been diagnosed with MS. My family, friends and I, will be walking in the Brantford MS Walk 2011 to Raise Money to help the cause.  Please Give Generously
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Green Tea Benefits

For several years, benefits of green tea are being widely spread through people. This is a truth, if you didn’t understand; green tea extract may be the unique and the very first super fruit, a lot of year old solution that has been passed down from generations in order to years. Green tea originates from china, and particularly from the camellia saneness grow, or what is popularly known as the teas plant. It’s the finest types of teas, processed within the the majority of minimal technique and is gathered while it is nevertheless tender as well as young.  The health benefits a variety of that’s the reason it is recommended by each doctors as well as natural medicine. So if you want to know more information about the advantages of drinking green tea extract, I have the perfect things for you. This would certainly help you save in the head ache of trying to find this somewhere else on the web in places you might encounter a lot of untrustworthy and fake information’s from websites about green tea extract. Filter systems look at this post and steer clear of those risks. By the time a person finishes reading this article, you’ll have a very vibrant as well as obvious idea of what the benefits of consuming green tea extract are. So relax, relax as well as enjoy reading through.

Green tea extract benefits is extremely well-liked because of its higher anti-oxidant content. This means, it is the ideal power booster, it slows down getting older, it enhances the performance of your mind and most of all, it improves blood circulation. Many of these benefits are part of the elements to reside a longer existence. It might even help in preventing cancer malignancy by fighting harmful free radicals.

Green tea extract has an anti-oxidant named EGCG, short for epigallocatechin gallate. It is a polyphenol and perhaps the actual most robust, most powerful anti-oxidant known to man. If you wish to reduce the bad cholesterol levels of the body, this really is essential for you personally. Green tea extract additionally increases your metabolic process, bringing on faster fat burning capacity. This would cause you to feel full of energy as well as slim down. Obviously, you should pair which track of routine workouts.

Among the best properties of green tea extract is actually that it may be easily processed in to different forms and it is also concentrated to improve it’s strength. However be cautious, not all businesses manufacture genuine green tea extract. Some places filler elements about it which may be dangerous for your wellness. Therefore much better check the company very first before buying this to ensure the entire usefulness and potency from the product.

Should you be looking with regard to total green green tea health benefit, try the ones that tend to be mixed with gingko biloba. It definitely amplifies the effectiveness associated with green tea. Significantly improved you understand these types of advantages, you now have the actual ingredient to create your life healthier, more full of energy and free of diseases. This would be the prompt; this is where you would find methods to live an extended and healthier existence. But of course, you ought to pair up along with the kitchen connoisseur as well as correct neutrino as well as regular exercise schedules too.

Already on Drugs? Bill Maher on How to Get Healthy!

“There’s no money in healthy people,” says Bill Maher. Have a good laugh with this very funny man as he takes a very serious stab at two strange bedfellows: Big Pharma and the government. Leave a comment to let us know if you think he’s way off base or spot-on target.

Your Kitchen versus Your Pharmacist

Most of us already understand that fighting a cold or flu is best done by drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of rest. You also want to get a lot of Vitamin C. Even though you might know how to stay healthy, when you get sick your major concern is getting better quickly. This is one of the reasons that so many people choose drugs over natural remedies. These medications can sooth cold and flu symptoms fairly quickly. The medications only damper your symptoms they do not cure them and you could cause your cold to stick around for a longer period of time! Natural health methods, on the other hand, actually work against your cold so that you get over the cold faster.

There are elements in chicken soup that make it a good cure for the common cold-even scientists will admit it! Over the counter medications will not actually combat the illness that ails you but the ingredients in chicken soup will because they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to build its immune system to help combat the germs that have taken hold. Ginger has been used for centuries to combat the common cold. Ginger is really easy to come by-it is used in almost every kitchen in the world and many people swear by ginger tea when they have a cold or the flu. Adding some ginger to your food is a good idea when you start to feel sick is a great way to help fight off the germs. The healing properties of the ginger will start helping you get over your cold or flu. By adding ginger to your diet on a regular basis you can build a super strong immune system that will help defend against germs that try to make you sick.

Many natural health enthusiasts swear by Echinacea. The trick to making sure that Echinacea does its job is to keep some on hand and take it as soon as you start to feel a cold set in. Some people insist that, when taken early on, Echinacea can stop a cold or the flu in its tracks. If you’ve already had the flu set in, Echinacea can speed up the healing process and lessen the effects of your symptoms. Taking approximately 1200 mgs a day while you’re ill will help you heal. By taking 400 mgs thrice daily you’ll get the recommended dosage but don’t take all 1200 mgs at once or you could make yourself worse.

Strengthening your immune system through natural health practices is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick at all. More importantly, knowing how to correctly treat the symptoms you do have can go a long way to helping you combat illness and to keep yourself from accidentally making yourself sicker. Don’t be afraid to be practical and use what you have on hand instead of stuffing a bunch of chemicals into your body.

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natural detox diet

Effective Remedies to Cure Sciatica

Sciatica is the symptoms possibly involving leg pain, maybe with tingling, numbness or weakness that travels from the lower back down by way of the sciatic nerve into the rear aspect of the leg and buttocks. Sciatica, often referred to as radiculopathy, is only what describes the symptoms. Information on sciatica from the medical profession states this is not a diagnosis. Professional examination may reveal the cause to be a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, or spondylolisthesis, so it is recommended that one should see their doctor to identify the problem and determine the treatment.

Bed rest is often prescribed for sciatica although it is not clear there is any actual benefit to healing sciatica. However, some patients find the pain is so debilitating that movement is impossible. Bed rest with brief periods of gentle physical activity may be more effective. Some doctors prescribe specific exercises. A good bed with appropriate lumbar support, with a change in sleeping position eases the agony for some people. Lifting the knees, perhaps with a pillow, is immensely helpful.

Eating is very important, you want to make sure to maintain a healthy weight by eating properly. If you are over weight it puts more pressure on your back causing more pain than you would normally experience if you were at a healthy average weight. Being overweight means making your body carry around the extra burden of those gained pounds by eating unhealthy.

Some info on sciatica reveals that one of the most successful treatments for sciatica pain is to exercise. You can release some pressure on the affected nerve roots by stretching. There are also several back exercises that will help you to relieve the sciatica pain if such pain is not overwhelming. You can also find detailed sciatica exercises online that can help you overcome the sciatica pain. It’s not recommended to stay in bed when you have sciatica pain, you should at least stretch your legs and back.

Symptoms that push patients into investigating how to cure sciatica are numerous. These include a sharp and deep-seated pain that starts in your lower back and shoots through your hip and leg when making certain movements. Numbness or muscle weakness in either buttock or leg can be a sign of sciatica. Pain in the hip, lower back or legs that increases after standing or sitting for some time is another symptom. Anyone who has difficulty moving or controlling their legs or feels a tingling sensation of pins and needles up and down either leg should be examined for sciatica.

A natural supplement called Sciatol is among the latest remedies proven effective in helping alleviate the pain and discomfort of sciatica. Formulated using six powerful herbal ingredients, Sciatol Back Formula is among the most effect ways how to cure sciatica. Sciatol helps relieve the pain associated with sciatica and targets the overall healing of the sciatic nerve, the nervous system and the spine.

Learn more about acute sciatica. Stop by our site where you can find out all about Avoid the Top 3 Sciatica Mistakes!.

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