Jeff Thrasher

The Thrash has been my nickname since I can remember. Real name, Jeff Thrasher originally from Windsor, Ontario right across the river from Detroit, Michigan. I am a 64 year old divorced father, with a 19 year old daughter, who is the light of my life. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, instilled, by my now deceased  father Ivan   I am a musician/percussionist, internet marketer, and major self help, health advocate. This site originally came to me probably in the year 2004 and it has taken awhile to come to life.It is my hope that it inspires people to realize that they, and they alone, are responsible for their own health., and, the many options available to them to insure that they live the healthiest lives they can, by utilizing everything possible to maintain optimum health.It is now going to become part of a group of sites, dedicated to Self Help Health Information!