We Are ALL Iodine Deficient

We Are ALL Iodine Deficient

With my health, comprised due to mercury dental amalgam toxicity, destroying my quality of life for over ten years now, I am in  constant search of alternative and wiser methods than those provided by the paid science of modern medicine!

Recently I posted how castor oil has many benefits to aid the body in detoxifying. I have always believed, that if you give your body everything it requires nutritionally, and clean it out, as in detoxifying, that it has the ability to heal itself?

That being said when I went in search of information on Iodine…..WOW!

NASCENT IODINE is the ideal form of iodine, rapidly absorbed and used by the body. Iodine is associated with supporting thyroid function and regulating metabolism, boosting energy levels (when iodine is deficient), supporting and maintaining detoxification systems and processes, supporting immune system function, fighting infections (natural antiseptic), and has many other health benefits. It has antiseptic properties and can also can be used to effectively purify water for drinking. One drop provides 400 micrograms of Nascent Iodine.

Some Benefits of iodine supplementation, feeling of  well-being. Mental clarity and lifting of brain fog. Achieving more in less time. Increased energy. Feeling warmer in cold environments.
Needing less sleep. Disappearance of muscular aches and pains.
Stronger immune system and resistance to infections. Improved skin complexion. Regular bowel movements.

It appears that for some unknown reason, Iodine a chemical element, that is found in every cell in the body, was somehow removed from our food supply.
I believe now after studying this that we are all iodine deficient!

Right now we have an epidemic of thyroid problems, the thyroid gland has to have iodine to do it’s job when there is not enough, well you guessed it, it doesn’t work right?

Hypothyroidism is far more prevalent than once thought.
The latest estimates are that 20 million Americans have hypothyroidism, but the actual numbers are probably higher.

There is a really simple but somewhat controversial test for iodine deficiency. Simply paint it on your skin and take note how long it takes to be absorbed. You can read all sorts of info on this, but it just seems to make sense that our body can utilize what it needs and the rest is excreted.

I have been painting this on my skin for the past 2 weeks or so, and it still disappears quickly. As I have all the symptoms of a compromised immune system, I feel that adding this to my daily routine just makes sense to me.

I have also been experimenting with my family and so far 4 of them also have the iodine disappear from their skin quite quickly. ( One was recently put on Thyroid meds and is reconsidering now)

I encourage you to do your own research on this, but you will quickly see that there is an amazing amount of data related to this topic.

Video “Everything you Need to Know About Iodine”

As always I hope that my research will lead you to better health!


We Are ALL Iodine Deficient

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