Making Kombucha Tea

I had Heard of it, but Now,

I Have Really Discovered the Magic of Kombucha!

I actively peruse the health industry for healthy products. I recently expressed an interest in Kombucha, as I am always looking for new and healthy natural remedies. A couple of months ago, one of my sisters, Ruth, purchased a SCOBY(Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) for me, for 10 dollars, this is what is needed to start, to brew your own Kombucha, at home, it has turned into my new hobby and passion.

There is a wealth of info online about this and many groups and videos you can join or belong to, to help you, if you need it. I got really lucky, in that the temperature where I live is always around 78-80, which is ideal for the fermentation process to really excel and work properly. 

I hope the video inspires you to try this amazingly healthy product, it is hard to put your finger on it, but it just seems to leave you feeling better and wanting more. I prefer my Kombucha with lemon and ginger, but you can flavour it with just about anything that you like. I am still experimenting with different teas and timing, but so far, preferring green tea and plain old white granulated sugar, as that is what the Scoby really likes. 

I now have 4 large brewing jars in rotation and 2 large drinking bottles in fridge rotation, at all times, each time you brew, the scoby makes a baby, so to speak, which can be sold or used to make your next batch.I hope you give it a try, it’s said, the real benefit, is it’s probiotic boost to your gut and immune system, that the bacteria in Kombucha are beneficial to your gut, much like kefir (fermented milk) and kimchee(fermented vegetables)

It  appears the fermentation process of foods and liquids can be a very healthy addition to our diets and quite an amazing boost to our Immune Systems.So Go Ahead and try all forms of Healthy Fermentation.

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Making Kombucha Tea

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