Hemorrhoidal issues increase with age; due to this fact, there is a urgent want for external hemorrhoid treatment. Nonetheless, one wants to understand what exterior hemorrhoids are. External hemorrhoids are fashioned when the anal strain enlarges the rectal veins making thick lumps close to the rectum. This enforces the muscle tissue to lose assist due to the pressure exerted by the rectal wall. The muscular tissues develop and transform in fleshy protrusions around the internal boundary of the anus.

External Hemorrhoid Remedy: Relieving the Signs
The exterior hemorrhoid treatment for alleviating ache and discomfort embrace:
o Sit baths recurrently in the course of the day starting from 10-15 minutes. As soon as you are taking a shower with lukewarm water, you will need to dry the affected space using a clear towel gently; if the affected space wet, the hemorrhoids could enhance inflicting extreme problems.
o Applying ice packs and carefully withdrawing them can shrink swelling and pain.
o The appliance of hemorrhoidal suppositories can lessen discomfort and ache to an important extent.
o The utilization of hemorroidal lotions, cortisone creams, Vaseline and petroleum jelly can considerably improve exterior hemorrhoids.
o Clothes with natural origin -cotton or silk- are preferred to be worn. Moreover, the underwear should be loose.
o After the bowel movements the affected space have to be cleaned utilizing moist wipes; this aids in controlling itching and irritation around the anus.
o One other external treatment includes the utilization of aspirin or acetaminophen (panadol) which might temporarily alleviate pain.

Exterior Remedy: Surgical Methods
During exterior hemorrhoid treatment, the next surgical strategies are frequently used:
o Injection sclerotherapy – injecting a medical answer in the affected space, the hemorrhoid lumps are shrunk by means of inflammations and shutting the dilated rectal veins; this ends in a response in the rectal veins.
o Rubber band ligation – a rubber band is used as a closure of the blood supply. Since blood doesn’t reach the affected vein, it finally dries up around 7 days.
o Infrared protocoagulation – the affected veins are uncovered to infrared gentle inflicting the dilated veins to coagulate. As blood doesn’t pass by the coagulated veins, the exterior hemorrhoids shrink.
o Laser coagulation -an electrode probe is used to emit electricity which produces a chemical response that shrinks the hemorroidal protrusions by stopping the blood supply within the affected areas.
o Hemorroidectomy- using a cautery devise, scalpel or laser, this surgical technique removes the hemorrhoid groups. The patients of prolapsed or trombosed external piles are recommended for this treatment.

External Hemorrhoid Remedy: Preventive Measures
In absence of proper preventive measures, the hemorrhoids might return; therefore, the following measures must be taken for external treatment:
o Do not stay a sedentary lifestyle. For the train of buttocks muscles and total fitness of your physique physical exercise is necessary.
o The daily liquid intake must be increased and conditioned such that you just take no less than one glass of recent fruit juice daily.
o Fibers aid in external therapy and should be consumed in excessive quantity.

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