I cannot say enough about the wonderful vegetables of the sea, I mainly ran into their wonderful benefits by accident, while trying to find natural ways to rid the body of mercury toxicity,  from old mercury amalgam  dental fillings and the environment. I have have had allergies and skin problems all the way to back to when I was very young growing up in the Windsor,  Ontario area. Very industrial and right on the Detroit river we even used to swim in it as kids …..yuck now ;-(

Anyway, a couple years back my teeth starting chipping, and exposing the metal fillings to my gums, and within a few month’s, my heavy metal symptoms got worse, and, I have been tingling everywhere ever since. This led me to natural heavy metal detoxing, which led me to the herb cilantro, and chlorella, considered, to be the best natural form of removing metals from the human body, without drugs.

I have not 100% verified the link below but it seems just like a good information site .

That being said I tend to agree with most of what I read there so I thought I would leave it to your discretion.


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